Wireless Internet Setup & Repair

So you are thinking about using, a wireless network to connect to the Internet. This is the right place as we can save your time and frustration in a setup process. We have everything you need to setup new, expand existing or repair network connection at home or office.

What do I need to connect wireless?

  • Wireless adapter on a dongle (USB) — £15
  • Wireless router which will distribute internet in your home or office — from £39
  • Technician will setup all devices to connect broadband wirelessly — £39
    (setup includes wireless adapters installation, router configuration and securing your wireless network with password so only authorised users can access).

Why I cannot connect wireless?

  • Wireless adapter has fault or driver is corupted
  • Operating system is virus infected
  • Wireless router settings are lost or device is faulty

NOTE: Before calling us always contact your internet provider first to determined whether they are fault.

How much does it cost?

Wireless network setup with devices provided by customer costs £39

If wireless connection has stopped working due to Virus Infection repair cost is £50

How long will it take?

Most of wireless setups / repairs are ready the SAME DAY.

Got a question? Need a quote? Please call us on 0787 329 5725

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