USB Ports Repair

Usb ports are present in any laptop and used very often. Most of peripherial devices have usb connection. You need to be cautious as it can be very easily damaged. If worst has happend we can resolder existing or replace loose, pushed in or damaged usb port to the motherboard.

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Do I really need to fix this?

This is very important not to leave it unrepaired. Usb ports is providing power to the external devices. Any fault may result in shortcut and further damage to the motherboard (more expensive repair).

How much does it cost?

No matter what pc laptop you got, we can offer you fixed price repair for £65

Price quoted includes parts, fitting, 6 month warranty.

We can only replace physically damaged usb ports. In case it just stopped working its more likely to be motherboard related issue and different service is needed.

How long will it take?

Most of repairs are ready the SAME DAY (up to 3 wroking days if need to be ordered).

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