Overheating Laptop Repair

As you use your laptop dust gets inside and build up blockig hot air from coming out. Termal compound also needs replacing as its loosing colling properties. Laptop component needs proper cooling which is very important for system to work porperly.

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Is my laptop overheating?

  • Fans are continuously and noisily spinning at all time
  • Shuts down without warning after some time
  • Its hard to use laptop on your laps — too hot
  • Laptop hangs or freezes

How much does it cost?

No matter what pc laptop you got, we can offer you fixed price repair for £35

Price quoted includes thermal compound change on the main processor, motherboard chipset, graphic chipset, fan dedusting.

Prices are model dependent if fan needs to be replaced. Please contact us and we can give you an exact price for your laptop repair.

How long will it take?

Most of repairs are ready the SAME DAY (up to 3 wroking days if parts need to be ordered).

Got a question? Need a quote? Please call us on 0787 329 5725

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