Screen Replacement

If you’ve dropped, smashed, cracked your laptop or netbook screen or it simply stopped working we can fix or replace it. We also repair backlight problems, inverters, lid switches, broken hinges etc.

We're top choice laptop repair specialists in West Midlands, Birmingham — especially screen repairs!
We are offering very affordable screen repair and replacement services with fast turnarounds.

Common laptop LCD screen problems

  • Cracked Screen — caused by physical damage or improper handling
  • Dim Screen — caused by faulty backlight or inverter due an impact from being dropped
  • White Screen — caused by bad displays, or failed video graphic components
  • Flickering or dim / dark displays — caused by bad inverter or defective screen
  • Unstable display — often caused by bad video components

How much does it cost?

There are many different types of replacement screens like XGA, WXGA, Widescreen, LED, CCFL, Ultrathin, Netbook, Touchscreen etc.

The typical replacement cost of 15.6" LED laptop screen is £90

Prices quoted includes a brand new high quality screen panel, fitting, 6 month warranty.

Price are model dependent. Please contact us and we can give you an exact price for your laptop repair

How long will it take?

Screen replacements are ready SAME DAY or NEXT DAY.

Got a question? Need a quote? Please call us on 0787 329 5725

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