Laptop Repair, Upgrade and Support Services

Cocotec provides a full range of hardware and software repairs for both newer and legacy laptops.
When you need screen replacement, power jack repair, virus removal, windows installation or any other laptop repair service — we can help.

broken cracked laptop lcd screen

Accidental damage happens — cracked screen. But sometimes user is not at fault — graphic chipset, inverter, backlight or screen itself.

We offer brand new laptop screen replacement with the same quality as original. Prices start from £80 including fitting.

broken laptop dc socket power jack

When power jack or pin inside is loose, missing or pushed in, battery is charging intermittent or not charging at all, laptop won't power up etc. We can fix it.

We remove broken dc socket and resolder a replacement to the mainboard.

broken laptop keyboard missing keys

Missing keys, spilt liquid, keys are not working or are working intermittent.

Keyboard itself is not expensive. We replace broken keyboard with new or quality "A" grade.

virus infection

There are many types of viruses, fake security warnings, unwanted popups, Malware, Spyware, Scareware, Trojans and Worms.

Using 3rd party software we make sure there is no infection left, do a full system maintanance then install antivirus program to prevent future infections.

system runs very slow

Does it take ages before laptop boots into windows and desktop appears?

Its time for full system maintanance: cleaning, defragmenting, removing unwanted programs bloating operating system.

Tip: Memory upgrade will give extra performance boost.

windows installation

If the worst has happened we can reinstall any windows operating system.

Fresh windows installation with all drivers and common applications. Comes with a free antivirus program to prevent future infections. Then we transfer all files from old hard disk to a new one.

blue screen errors

Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD).

All data is still on a disk, but do not attempt to fix it unless you know what you are doing. Before repair we look for root of a problem then fix it.

no internet connection

80% internet problems comes from operating system being infected.
20% is faulty router settings or internal network card. Setting up a wireless network in your home is quick and easy with us. We secure your network with a strong password so nobody else can "borrow" your broadband.

overheating noisy laptop

As you use your laptop dust and dirt gets to the internal parts, blocking an airflow that cools it down. Also thermal compound loose its cooling properties. Its better not to leave it unattended.

We reapply thermal paste on internal components, clean all fans and grease with high precision oil.

cd dvd reading problems

Optical drive laser lens is constantly exposed to dust. With time it gets scratched and thats its end of life.

To replace faulty lens is not effective so we provide both new or quality "A" grade replacement.

damaged laptop usb ports

When usb connection is loose or devices are not recognized it needs a quick fix. Loose ports can damage your mainboard. Don't leave it for later or be prepared for expensive repair.

We remove broken usb ports and resolder a replacement to the mainboard.

laptop hard disk upgrade

System is giving a warning messages: its running out of space, system performance is low.

We will provide faster and bigger in size hard disk to store more photos and documents. Also we offer data transfer from your old hard disk to a new one.

laptop memory upgrade

With time laptop is gradually getting slower and slower. Programs become harder to open and close. It takes too long for web pages to be displayed.

As the old saying says "the more memory the better". It will speed up your laptop and improve overall performance. Very cost effective upgrade.

data recovery

Like death and taxes, one thing that’s certain is that internal hard disk will eventually fail.

Using 3rd party software programs we look for data to be recovered. After recovery process is completed data will be transfered back or stored on external media.

data transfer

For all those who have upgraded their hard disk by them self or bought a new laptop we offer data transfer service.

We can either make a 1:1 hard disk copy (clone) or transfer all the data (documents, photos, emails etc), settings, install software packages (if installation disk or licence is provided) on to a new drive.


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