Motherboard Repair / Graphic Chipset Reballing

The problem with the recent laptops is that graphic chipset gets too hot. This is caused by bad design of the laptop motherboard & graphics chip — mostly nVidia graphics.

The only solution is replacement of the BGA (Ball Grid Array) and resoldering graphic chipset to the motherboard. You can also replace whole motherboard which will cost you about £200 and more.

We can solve this problem without changing your motherboard or graphics card a lot cheaper.

What are the symptoms?

  • Laptop powering on but screen is black
  • Blue lights flashing — HP / Compaq laptops
  • Laptop powering on then immediately switching off
  • After powering laptop on white screen appears
  • Flickering, unstable or blocky display

How much does it cost?

It’s more advanced repair process then memory upgrading. It needs specialised tools and knowledge.

However you will be pleased with our fixed price repair we have for £110

Price quoted includes any parts needed, labour, 3 month warranty.

In case we attempt but fail to fix it, the only charges are our minimum labour fee of £20.

How long will it take?

Typical graphic chipset reballing service turnaround is about 7 — 14 working days.

This includes 24 hour testing to make sure everything is working OK.

NOTE: We DON'T repair liquid damaged laptops.

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