Data Transfer

So you bought a new laptop or desktop computer and wish to transfer all your data from one to another? Or maybe you need more space and bought a new hard disk? We can help make sure all your documents, photos and music will be safely transferred to the new destination.

What does data transfer includes?

  • Transfering all your files — documents, photos, music etc
  • Transfering common program settings like email, web browser bookmarks, MSN
  • Your files are being scanned for viruses — you don't want to infect your new computer

How much does it cost?

We do have a fixed price for data transfer service, which comes in at £40

We can only transfer data from a working computer or laptop.
In case you cannot access your files we have a Data Recovery Service.

How long will it take?

Usually we need few hours and accomplish data transfer on the the SAME DAY.

Got a question? Need a quote? Please call us on 0787 329 5725

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