Apple Macbook Repair, Upgrade and Support Services

Cocotec is fast becoming an alternative to many of the main dealers for cost effective repair services.
We provide support for all Apple Mac laptops from the older OS 10.0 system, right through to the latest 10.9 version.

When you need screen replacement, power jack repair or memory upgrade — we can help.
We replace any defective parts with those having the same specifications.

broken cracked laptop lcd screen

Accidental damage happens — cracked screen. But sometimes user is not at fault — graphic chipset, inverter, backlight or screen itself.

We offer brand new laptop screen replacement with the same quality as original. Prices start from £100 including fitting.

broken laptop dc socket power jack

When power jack or pin inside the jack is loose, missing or pushed in, battery is charging intermittent or not charging at all, macbook won't power up etc. We can fix it.

We remove old dc socket and resolder a replacement to the mainboard.


broken laptop keyboard missing keys

Missing keys, spilt liquid, keys are not working or are intermittent.

Keyboard itself is not expensive. We replace broken keyboard with new or quality "A" grade.

cd dvd reading problems

Optical drive laser lens is constantly exposed to dust. With time it gets scratched and thats its end of life.

To replace faulty lens is not effective so we provide both new or quality "A" grade replacement.

damaged laptop usb ports

When usb connection is loose or devices are not recognized it needs a quick fix. Loose ports can damage your mainboard. Don't leave it for later or be prepared for expensive repair.

We remove broken usb ports and resolder a replacement to the mainboard.

laptop hard disk upgrade

System is giving a warning messages: its running out of space, system performance is low.

We will provide faster and bigger in size hard disk to store more photos and documents. Also we offer data transfer from your old hard disk to a new one.

laptop memory upgrade

With time macbook is gradually getting slower and slower. Programs become harder to open and close. It takes too long for web pages to be displayed.

As the old saying says "the more memory the better". It will speed up your mac and improve overall performance. Very cost effective upgrade.


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